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How to fix side-by-side configuration error in 64-bit version

When 64-bit version of AmiBroker is installed, the setup program checks in the system registry if required runtime libraries are present, and if not – then it downloads and installs proper runtimes from Microsoft website. However – it may sometimes happen that the information in the system registry indicates that the required runtimes are installed, while in fact they are missing or incomplete. In such situations we may see the following error displayed when launching AmiBroker:

The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.
Please see the application event log for more detail.

To fix the problem we need to install Microsoft C++ runtime libraries vcredist_x64.exe manually. Correct x64 VC2005 runtime required by 64-bit version has the version number 8.0.50727.6195

It can be downloaded and installed from:

More documentation can be found at

NOTE: This article applies only to AmiBroker 64-bit from version 5.60 to 6.11. It does NOT apply to any 32-bit version of AmiBroker.

Deleting symbols with comma in the name

When importing symbols into the database, we may sometimes encounter situations, when as a result of user-mistake we import erroneous ticker names into our database. This may for example happen when we specify an incorrect column separator in ASCII importer (or use incorrect import definition that does not match the imported file) or when we use input file that contains commas when importing watchlist members using Symbol->Watchlist->Import.

As a result – we may end up with a ticker list like this:

Problematic symbols

In this case marking the symbols in Symbols window and using Delete option from the context menu will not work, because AmiBroker treats the comma as a separator between symbols.

To solve the problem – with relatively few tickers we can always just open Symbol->Information window and fix the names in there. However – with a larger group of symbols it will not be very practical.

In such case, in order to delete the incorrect symbols from the database – we can use Symbol->Organize Assignments window, mark the tickers in left-hand-side panel and press Delete to remove these symbols.

Removing problematic symbols

There is also a way to delete the symbols manually from the database folder by removing respective data-files. This requires the following steps:

  1. Exit AmiBroker
  2. go to respective subfolder of the database folder (in Windows Explorer)
  3. delete data-files for the particular symbols
  4. delete broker.master file from the database folder (it stores the symbol list)
  5. restart AmiBroker and load the database

FastTrack data configuration and troubleshooting

General configuration process for FastTrack datasource is explained in the manual:

Sometimes however, after the configuration process the FastTrack data source is still missing from the list of sources in File->Database Settings. If that happens, please follow the steps listed below to make this source available:

First you need to make sure that you are using 32-bit version of AmiBroker as FastTrack is 32-bit application and only the other 32-bit application can use its data via their API. To check what version of AmiBroker you have go to Help->About window. If you do not have proper version, please download 32-bit one from

Secondly you need to install FastTrack for the Web (FT4Web) program. If you are using Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, it is good idea to first turn OFF User Access Control (down to “Never notify”). The following video shows the process: Then install FastTrack for the web (FT4Web) program.

If the FastTrack datasource is still missing from the data source combo in Database Settings, then it is necessary to check if:

  1. FT.DLL is inside “AmiBroker/Plugins” folder
  2. FastTrack.DLL file is installed by FT4Web inside Windows folder

If it can not be found in the Windows folder, we need to make sure that FastTrack for the web is installed, then perform a search for FastTrack.DLL file using Windows Explorer file search.

Once the FastTrack.DLL file is found, we need to copy it to AmiBroker main folder – then FastTrack datasource should then become available in AmiBroker.

How to get support most efficiently

As a customer you want to have your questions and issues resolved most quickly and it is also our goal. In order to allow us to serve you the best possible answer in shortest possible time you need to provide some essential information that we can not collect without your help.

The most essential things you need to tell us when contacting support are:

  1. AmiBroker version you are running
  2. Data source you are using
  3. Exact error message you are getting, or screenshot if problem is of “visual” type
  4. The AFL formula that you are using (if question/issue is formula-related)
    and the settings (if you want help on backtest/optimization results)

  5. … and pretty please do not yell that you found a bug (there are 99.9% chances you did not).

If we counted the hours spent on e-mail exchange that was just asking for those details it would sum up to years. Please provide those in front. We really don’t know what you are running on your end.

There are countless examples when knowledge of these details would save hours of time (not only our but your time too). For example we write a formula for somebody, then he responds “it does not work” then we ask for details on what exactly does not not work and after some hours and e-mail exchanges it turns out that the customer is using old version of the software, while our formula used a function that was introduced lately.

Version numbers

When specifying AmiBroker version number please tell the number, not just “I am using latest version”, because latest means different thing for you and different for us. Your “latest” may mean latest official release and we may mean latest BETA that we just released a couple of minutes ago, so you are not even aware of it. So to remove doubt, please tell us exact number such as “I am running v5.85.0 32-bit”. You can find exact version number in the Help->About window.

Sometimes it also helps to know Windows version. For example we have seen cases when execution speed was different on XP and Windows 7 or when some feature did not work correctly on Windows XP because of Windows bug. So if you are reporting a problem/bug please include Windows version too. In this case you don’t need to tell us exact version, so “I am running Windows XP” or “Windows 7 64-bit” is perfectly fine.

The data source

Telling us a Data source is important when you are using plugin-driven data source. Pretty often 3rd party data sources that are plugin driven can cause bizzarre issues that can not be reproduced unless we know the data source.

Tell us what the error is or how it looks

It goes without saying that knowing the actual text of error message you get is essential for us. Please quote the message precisely as sometimes actual wording differs and there may be two similar messages yet they are different and resolution is also different. For any kind of “visual” problems it is best to send a screenshot. To make a screenshot, press PRINT SCREEN key on the keyboard (to make a short of entire screen), or ALT+PRTSCREEN (to make a screenshot of just active window). This puts a screenshot to the clipboard. Now you can paste it to MS Paint, MS Word, or any other graphic application. Some e-mail clients such as Thunderbird, allows pasting such image directly from clipboard into message (Edit->Paste, or Ctrl+V).

Sometimes it may not be obvious what is wrong on the screenshot so please describe what is wrong and/or annotate graphics. It helps tremendously.

The magical formula

As far as AFL-related problems are considered, knowing the formula is essential. If we can paste your formula to editor and reproduce reported behaviour on our end helping you becomes much easier and faster. An enormous amount of time could be gained if formula in question is sent to us. If for some reason you can not send us actual formula that you are using, please try to write a small one that just demonstrates the same problematic behavior. It is even better to have such minimalistic formula as it is quicker to find problem area in shorter one. When you are reporing problem with the backtest or optimization please also include the settings. Instead of sending formula and settings separately, consider sending APX file (Analysis Project). The analysis project file has both settings and formula included and can be saved using File->Save As when Analysis window is open.

When something is bugging you

Now here it comes, the last but certainly not least hint. When you are having problems with our software, please do not claim you have found a bug unless you are very, very sure of your ground. Remember, there are many other users that are not experiencing your problem. Otherwise you would have learned about it while reading the documentation and searching the Web (you did do that before complaining, didn’t you?). This means that very probably it is you who are doing something wrong, not the software. In fact in 99.9% of past cases a suspected “bug” was a user mistake.

We put an enormous effort and engineering skills to make our software working as well as possible. If you claim you have found a bug, you will be impugning our competence, which will offend some of us even if you are correct. It is especially undiplomatic to yell bug in the Subject line.

When asking your question, it is best to write as though you assume you are doing something wrong, even if you are privately pretty sure you have found an actual bug. If there really is a bug, you will hear about it in the answer.

All of the above has one goal – enabling us to help you better and quicker. By following the guidelines above you will get your answers delivered faster and more efficiently. Thanks!

Third party software “black list”

From time to time users face bizarre problems that after hours/days of investigation turn to be caused by 3rd party softwares that modify normal operation of Windows OS and cause troubles. As most problems are caused by badly written antiviruses, we recommend using Microsoft Security Essentials that is known to be OS friendly, working fast and without issues.

Here is a list of 3rd party software that are known to cause problems:

1. Avast Antivirus – specifically it’s Autosandbox feature messes up with operating system and effectively disallows application to write data to the disk. Which means that any of your changes to the data, watch lists, drawings, etc, will not be saved unless you turn off Autosandbox or uninstall Avast. Avast has its “heuristics” all wrong. They use Autosandbox even on legitimate, Microsoft Authenticode digitally signed applications like AmiBroker. Solution: uninstall Avast and install Microsoft Security Essentials instead.

2. Comodo Internet security – the same story as above – their “Sandbox” is messing up with OS and blocks applications from vital activity such as saving files or accessing registry. Their “sandbox” causes files to be stored in wrong places and become inaccessible. Either turn off sandbox or uninstall Comodo and install Microsoft Security Essentials instead.

3. Webroot Secure Anywhere – again it messes up with operating system causing problems with Windows Clipboard, preventing Edit->Paste from working in many applications including the new AFL editor. The solution is to go to Webroot Identity Protection settings and turn OFF Identity Shield. The issue affects many applications and is described in detail on their forum:

4. AMD Catalyst Software Suite, Desktop Desktop Manager – it may cause problems with saving window positions because it has a feature called “Dialog repositioning” that moves windows by itself somewhere else. AMD of course knows better where you want to have your windows. Solution: disable “Dialog repositioning” as shown below or turn off “Desktop Manager” feature. You may also uncheck “Preserve application position and size” box because AmiBroker remembers positions of all its windows by itself and does not need AMD’s help.


For the list of recommended hardware and software see:

Do NOT use “registry cleaners” to avoid problems

Every now and then a user contacts support saying that some functionality (like OLE interface) stopped working and after some e-mail exchange it turns out that the culprit was a “Registry Cleaner” program that was run and deleted some vital registry entries.

I already warned users NOT to use “registry cleaners” or “memory turbo” here:

These programs are written pretty much often by amateurs and they often blindly delete registry entries that they assume are “no longer used”. First off, there is no freaking way a 3rd party program can ever determine when a registry key is “unused”. It was evidently put there for a reason and could have been accessed hundreds or thousands of times. “Registry cleaners” usually make assumptions that are simply not valid. For example, they may check for the presence of file referenced by the registry key, but they silently ignore the fact that the file may be on removable media (such as USB disk) and that Windows may change drive letters when new drive is inserted. In such cases “registry cleaner” would delete perfectly valid registry key causing problems with the software that was using this key.

AmiBroker can live with most of its registry entries deleted (you would lose all your UI customizations though) with one exception: OLE. AmiBroker exposes OLE automation server (Broker.Application) and if 3rd party “registry cleaner” wipes its registry keys, the OLE would stop working. This affects also auto-import feature in AmiQuote as it relies on AmiBroker’s OLE automation server.

So bottom line is: To avoid problems DO NOT USE “registry cleaners”.

More evidence of problems caused by “registry cleaners” can be found here:

  1. Why I don’t use registry cleaners

  2. Are registry cleaners safe to use?
  3. Registry cleaner won’t speed up your PC

Now, what to do if you already run registry cleaner and have problems?
The solution is to use full setup again. You do NOT need to uninstall anything, you don’t need to delete anything. Just run the setup again over existing installation, with “Full Installation” option selected as shown in the picture below:

Full setup

That should cure the problem with OLE within seconds. Good luck!

Webroot antivirus prevents clipboard Paste function

If you are using Webroot Secure Anywhere (antivirus) please be aware that it causes problems with Windows Clipboard, preventing Edit->Paste from operating in many applications including the new AFL editor.

The solution is to go to Webroot Identity Protection settings and turn OFF Identity Shield.

The issue affects many applications and is described in detail on their forum:

Lost activation key

In case you lost your AmiBroker activation key please fill the form at:
Once you fill the form, you will have the registration e-mail resent automatically.

Then check your e-mail inbox, there will be an e-mail with the download link to your personal activation key. Download the file, run the activation wizard and AmiBroker will become fully activated.

Please note that the activation keys for 32-bit and 64-bit are separate so you should make sure you are using one that matches your installed AmiBroker version. To check AmiBroker version, go to Help->About menu. Note also that 64-bit version is available only to owners of Professional Edition license (or Ultimate Pack Pro).

Third-party plugins must ship with proper runtime

From time to time we receive questions from people having problems loading some unknown third party plug-ins. These plug-ins are most commonly written by some hobby programmers who don’t know how to compile and ship the plug-ins so they work on client machines.

When plug-in DLL is written with AmiBroker Development Kit (ADK) it is usually compiled with Microsoft C runtime library. The “problem” is that depending on compiler used, different versions of C runtime are required for the DLL to be loaded by the operating system.

For example Visual C++ 6.0 links against MSVCRT.DLL that is commonly found in all Windows starting from Windows XP so you can “forget” about installing the runtime. But when plugin is compiled with more recent Visual C++ 2005, 2008 or 2010 then required C runtime library is almost never present on client computer.

In order to load the plugin compiled with VC2005 or higher, one must install proper run-time library on the client computer. The runtime must exactly match the compiler version and eventual compiler service pack used to compile the DLL, otherwise operating system will not load the DLL. The developer of 3rd party DLL can find appropriate runtimes (vcredist.exe) in


or similar directory (depending on VC version he/she is using). Then such vcredist.exe must be shipped by the plugin vendor to the client for the installation.

Alternatively the plugin vendor can compile their DLL with static runtime library.

There is a freeware tool called Dependency Walker ( that allows to check what given DLL needs to be loaded by the operating system. Tell your plugin vendor to use that tool so they don’t miss the essential dependencies.

Support and sales is by e-mail only

Literally every day we receive at least a couple of “I am interested in your software please call me” requests.

We are very happy that you are interested in our software, and we are all here to help, but we don’t contact users via telephone. We use e-mail only.

There is a completely FREE trial version that you can download from We do not ask for your personal data or e-mail to allow you to use the free trial. Just download. No questions asked.

If you have questions, technical support and sales information is provided by e-mail only. We are small company and that is the only way qualified support personnel can manage time in efficient manner and provide best answers in shortest possible time. Typically we respond in a matter of hours Monday-Friday and we also try to handle most urgent e-mails on weekends. E-mails are handled by qualified engineers who know their stuff that can give you meaningful and helpful response.

So, please e-mail us (support at and we will be happy to provide solutions / help to any questions that you may have.

If you are not convinced yet, here is some good reading on this topic:

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