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How to count symbols in given category

When we want to find out how many symbols belong to given category (such as watchlist) then for manual inspection, it is enough to hover the mouse cursor over the particular category name in the Symbols window and the information will be shown in a tooltip:

Category symbol count

If we want to check such information using AFL code, we could read the list of symbols returned with CategoryGetSymbols and by counting commas (which separate symbol names) find out the number of tickers.

A reusable function is presented below:

function CategoryCountSymbolscategorynumber )
count StrCount( list = CategoryGetSymbolscategorynumber ), ",");
IIf( list == ""0count );

Title "Symbols in watchlist 0: " CategoryCountSymbolscategoryWatchlist)

How to categorize symbols coming from Metastock databases

Many data vendors that deliver data in MetaStock database format offer quotes in separate MS databases organized in several folders, separate for different markets or industries.

AmiBroker does not have any symbol limits, there is no need to maintain separate databases in AB and all the quotes can be placed in a single database. The configuration process of Metastock database as external data source is described here:

AmiBroker supports internally many ways to categorise symbols into groups, markets, sectors, industries, etc. To learn more about categories available in AmiBroker please check this:

Now we may want to bring MS folder structure into AmiBroker’s category system. Sometimes data vendor would prepare appropriate automation scripts to do that work for us, but when they are not available, we can arrange the categories ourselves in the initial setup process.

To do so, we could pick the folders one-by-one, then reassign the symbols to desired categories. The process is the following:

First we configure the database:

  • Select File->New->Database menu
  • Enter the folder name and press Create
  • Choose MetaStock plugin as the datasource
  • Press Configure

MS plugin config

Now we pick single MetaStock folder (AmiBroker allows to import them all at once, however we want to avoid mixing the symbols from various folders) and press Retrieve button.

MS plugin config

After pressing Retrieve we can close the database configuration dialog (OK, then OK again), go to Symbol->Organize Assignments and reassign the newly imported symbols from Undefined market or Industry into our desired location.

MS plugin config

Now we can return to File->Database Settings->Configure, retrieve another folder and repeat the assignment for that folder and so on and so on.

It is important to mention that this is just one-time procedure. After it is done, AmiBroker will automatically read all updates directly from MetaStock files.

There are also data-vendors offering data in MS format (such as PremiumData for example) that deliver ready-to-use configuration scripts – in such case it would allow to avoid such manual setup procedure and synchronize all category assignments automatically.