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How to chart spreads?

To create a spread chart (and other multi-security indicators / statistics etc.) one can use FOREIGN function which allows to refer to other symbols than currently selected:

It’s necessary to do the following:
– Analysis -> Formula Editor
– enter the formula:

spread Foreign"ticker1""C") - Foreign"ticker2""C");

– Tools -> Apply Indicator
(replace ticker1, ticker2 with actual symbol names)

How to plot a trailing stop in the Price chart

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Calendar day index

Someone asked me recently how to count calendar days (not bars) that passed since first available quote. AmiBroker has a built-in function ( since version 5.20 ) that calculates the number of days that passed since January 1st, 1900. This function can be used to easily implement number of days since first available quote Here is a sample formula that shows how to do that. (more…)