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How to close open positions at the end of the day (for daytraders)

If we are backtesting the intraday strategy and we do not want to keep open positions overnight – then it’s necessary to force closing all the open positions before the session end. In order to code it in AFL – the easiest is to use TimeNum() function for that purpose. (more…)

Running AmiBroker on Windows Vista (both 32 and 64 bit editions)

Generally speaking AmiBroker (both versions: 4.80.2 official and 4.87.1 latest beta) run fine on Windows Vista RC1 32 bit and 64 bit editions (yes we checked it). (more…)

How to combine two databases into one

If you ever wondered how to combine two databases into one this short article will show you how, but let us start with some background first… (more…)

How to save layouts that hold individual parameter values for different symbols.

By default the values of parameters for given indicator pane are the same (shared) for all symbols. If you want per-symbol parameters, you need to apply technique descibed in this short article. (more…)