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How to migrate AmiBroker to a new computer

First of all it is absolutely necessary to run full setup on the new system to ensure proper configuration and appropriate access rights on the new system.

The setup program can be downloaded from:

Once the program has been installed – you can either activate the program (if you want to start with a fresh copy) or also restore your settings from the old computer.

If you want to start with a fresh installation, then it’s enough to run the software activation wizard. To get a copy you can use the form at:


If you want to transfer all data from the old computer:

  1. run full setup on a new computer,
  2. copy the entire contents of AmiBroker folder from the old computer (with all the databases) into the location where you have installed AmiBroker on the new machine (see the installation path above), overwriting the existing files.

That is the end of the procedure.

TRANSFER “CHARTS ONLY” (not recommended)

It is advised to just copy everything as described above, but if for some reason, you want to copy ONLY the layouts / charts, then you need to copy just some of the files

  1. run full setup on a new computer (for best results use same directory name as on the old computer)
  2. *.awl files from Layouts folders inside AmiBroker main folder and inside database folder (holding layouts calling certain charts recognized by their ID)
  3. broker.newcharts file which contains list of charts (their IDs) and their corresponding formula files
  4. contents of Formulas folder – to have formula referenced by certain charts
    This is because layouts refer to certain charts recognised by their chart ID number. So all elements have to be present.

More information about files used by AmiBroker can be found at: