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How to use your LiveCharts account with AmiQuote ?

UPDATE April 2, 2008: We received the following information from eSignal:
” It wasn’t our intention to have this product be made compatible with 3rd party software[…] The new version of LiveCharts uses a different method of exporting data and it will no longer work with AmiQuote starting the week of April 14th, 2008.”

This effectivelly means that the instructions below will become obsolete April 14th, 2008.

You can use your Livecharts ($9.95/month) subscription to feed AmiQuote with real time data from Lycos. However, there is one extra step involved in order to make it work.

The password that AmiQuote needs is not the same as you enter it on the Lycos page – it has to be encrypted.

To find out what encrypted password is you should:

  1. open LiveCharts RT web page (you need to log-in first)
  2. click with right mouse button OUTSIDE of Java applet but inside the page and choose “View source” (or use Internet Explorer main menu: View->Source)
  3. Choose Edit->Find… menu and type “Pswd” (without quotation marks) you will see line like this:

    <param NAME=Pswd VALUE="sGdWUS3vudNZw">
    sGdWUS3vudNZw string will be your password (it will be different of course than mine) so you just mark the string, copy and paste to AMiQuote and it should be able to download RT quotes using your livecharts account.

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