New web site design launched

We are proud to present a new web site design that is both mobile-friendly (scales well down to very narrow screens) and High-DPI friendly using new HTML5 standards. We really hope you will like it. Old one was from year 2000 so it was about the highest time to change it for good. There are still some pieces left from old design in some corners but these will be eliminated soon.


If you wondered what tools were used to create new AmiBroker page - well... main tool was just Notepad2 (plain text editor with syntax highlighting). Yes it is all manually typed from scratch in HTML5/CSS. No templates. I have Dreamweaver too but decided not to use it. Images were edited by good old Macromedia Fireworks (Macromedia was taken over by Adobe, but I still like the old program :-). And this is pretty much it. OK... one more tool... AmiBroker itself ! ... the red waves on top are curves generated by AmiBroker in its "About" window :-) and if you wondered how these curves are generated - the code behind it is inspired by Lissajous curves (which you may know from physics course)

Introduction to AmiBroker 2nd edition available

Today, August 15, 2012, is the publication date of Introduction to AmiBroker, Second Edition, written by Dr. Howard Bandy and available from Blue Owl Press.

It is free for personal use.

The second edition has been revised to include the changes to the AmiBroker trading system development platform; and to expand the set of ten exercises you can work through to refresh your AmiBroker skills.

To download free PDF book visit:

For more books from Blue Owl Press see:

Donate future development of IBController

UPDATE: Donations for IBController are not accepted anymore.

As you know automated trading interface for AmiBroker is provided to everyone for free. You can just download it from
Quite recently however someone asked me if there is an option to pay for IBController because he wanted to donate the development. So for everyone who wants to donate for further development of IBController I have created a payment option ($100 one time fee) here:

If you use IBController extensively and want to donate for further development you may consider spending $100 for it. Note that it is considered strictly a donation and you won't receive any extras in return except warm feeling that you helped the development of the software you are using and guarantee that if ever IBController changes its status (i.e. from free software to commercial one), you will have license to use it and receive free upgrades.

AmiBroker Feedback Center launched

Today we launched new on-line service called AmiBroker Feedback Center at:

AmiBroker Feedback Center is the area to enter feature requests / suggestions and bug reports, view issues reported by others and track development and resolution/fixes of the bugs submitted.

In not so distant future there will be voting capability added that will allow everyone to show how given suggestion is important for the community.

In order to enter AmiBroker Feedback Center please login with your AmiBroker members' area username / password that was included in your registration e-mail.

If you forgot or lost your password you can retrieve it automatically using password reminder service at:

Note that this is "external" list (visible to all registered users) but we also manage our "internal" TO-DO list that is not exposed to the public for many reasons (competitive, technical, etc). The "internal" list contains all things submitted in the past so there is no real reason to re-submit old suggestions if they were confirmed already. But it also does not hurt if you do.

We also reserve right to add/edit/remove any entries posted in AmiBroker Feedback Center on our own discretion.

Knowledge Base now features syntax highlighting

Knowledge Base now features automatic AFL syntax highlighting. It is not yet perfect (i.e. it is a bit different from AmiBroker's built-in algorithm but it was quick to implement and I think it does the job quite well). Also added today is the archive listing showing only titles of posts for quick viewing.

DevLog and Knowledge Base started

Today two new on-line services started: DevLog (this one) which is intended to provide you with up-to-date news about releases, betas as well as on-going development. In addition to that from time to time I may add some personal note or comment.

Second service is Knowledge Base
which is intended to provide tips & tricks, code examples, etc. for everyday AmiBroker use. The idea behind is to build searchable knowledge base from the answers that previously got "lost" in thousands of responses sent to the mailing list.

Both are based on WordPress (blogging software) which is RSS aware, and allows you to integrate them into your favourite RSS-news reader. To learn more what RSS is and how RSS can make your life easier please check this site.

I hope you will like both services.