AmiBroker 4.80.2 maintenance update

A new update to official version 4.80 has been released now. It is available for download from

CHANGES FOR VERSION 4.80.2 (as compared to 4.80.1)

  1. Changed %profit calculation when scaling-in is used to use maximum number of shares ever held as a "base" of %profit calculation - this leads to "most conservative" % figures, compared to using just initial entry value.
  2. Prec() function improved so it does not show rounding errors when working on integers

TWS fixed (858.6 or higher)

Update to previous post about TWS :
it seems that IB staff has fixed this problem as our recent tests show no problems with newest versions of TWS - 858.6 and higher.

Donate future development of IBController

UPDATE: Donations for IBController are not accepted anymore.

As you know automated trading interface for AmiBroker is provided to everyone for free. You can just download it from
Quite recently however someone asked me if there is an option to pay for IBController because he wanted to donate the development. So for everyone who wants to donate for further development of IBController I have created a payment option ($100 one time fee) here:

If you use IBController extensively and want to donate for further development you may consider spending $100 for it. Note that it is considered strictly a donation and you won't receive any extras in return except warm feeling that you helped the development of the software you are using and guarantee that if ever IBController changes its status (i.e. from free software to commercial one), you will have license to use it and receive free upgrades.

IBController 1.1.0 BETA released

A new version of Automated Trading Interface for AmiBroker, IBController 1.1.0 BETA has been released.

Instructions and download links are available from:

It was tested with TWS 857, 858.6 (standalone) and 859.7 (browser-based).

CHANGES FOR VERSION 1.1.0 (as compared to 1.0.8):

  1. Added handling of error codes 2100, 1100, 1101, 1102, 1300
  2. Financial advisor Account support (FC Issue #69) :
    • Added FA-only fields to PlaceOrder/ModifyOrder
    • When run on FA account IBc automatically queries for account list and uses "All" account by default
    • SetAccount( AccNo ) - for FA accounts
  3. GetAccountValue now allows to query values separately for each currency.
  4. added limit of error messages to be displayed (File->Configure)
  5. added re-querying for positions after reconnect
  6. an option to restart/reconnect (File->Reconnect), new method Reconnect()
  7. enhanced CancelAllPendingOrders( [optional] Ticker ) - now CancelAllPendingOrders method takes optional parameter Ticker.
  8. ClearList( iListNo ) method added - clears display lists
  9. enhanced CloseAllOpenPositions( [optional] Ticker ) - now CloseAllOpenPosition method takes optional parameter Ticker.
  10. exchange is reported correctly for non-US stocks in Portfolio page
  11. modified GetPositionList() - now it returns only symbols with positions 0
  12. OCA groups support added to PlaceOrder/ModifyOrder
  13. user-definable port and IP number (File->Configure)
  14. Warning 2107 (Historical Market Data Service inactive) and 2104 (market data OK) is silently ignored now