AmiBroker 20th Anniversary

Yes, that is true, we are serving traders and analysts for 20 years already. You may not know that, but the very first version of AmiBroker was released back in 1995 on Amiga computer (hence "Ami" in AmiBroker's name). Amiga at that time was revolutionary and years ahead of PCs. It had 32-bit preemptive multitasking OS with modern GUI and graphics with thousands of colors. Internet was very young then. Yahoo was a place where you searched the web. Can you believe that there was no Google back in 1995 when we started. Not to mention Facebook, Twitter and other late-arrivals. AmiBroker was created for my own use because there was no decent (if any) technical analysis software on Amiga and I had to use something for my own trading. The very first version was written in May-June 1995. I released it as a shareware in August 1995 to Amiga Internet file repository called AmiNet (at that time it was FTP-only, can you believe it?) and even though it was in Polish only it sparked some interest. Later in 1995 english version arrived and I started to get some orders. Eventually due to demise of Amiga as a platform I moved to PC few years later and pretty quickly AmiBroker become popular among traders worldwide.

So here we are now in 2015 celebrating 20th anniversary and enjoying new version 6.0.
Why don't you take the opportunity to purchase AmiBroker 6.0 now and take advantage of special 2-for-1 offer - so you can get 2 years of free upgrades and 2 years of support instead of one? For the details please check our on-line store

Special offer with FREE “Introduction to AmiBroker” book

UPDATE: This special offer is extended till December 6th, 2008 !!! now has special limited time offer for FIRST-TIME purchasers of AmiBroker Ultimate Pack Pro (AB UPP).
If you purchase AmiBroker Ultimate Pack Pro for $409 from today until December 6, 2008, you will receive a FREE copy of Howard Bandy "Introduction to AmiBroker" book with FREE* shipping.

You can place your order using page.


  1. Only customers from USA, European Union, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand are entitled to receive FREE shipping.
  2. The book is shipped from USA. Overseas destinations take usually 6-10 days to deliver.
  3. Customers from other countries are kindly asked to consult support for availability and cost of shipping to their country - to ensure safe delivery to some countries a courier (UPS) service is recommended but this means extra cost
  4. The offer applies to FIRST TIME buyers only and only to purchasers of Ultimate Pack Pro (the pack includes AmiBroker Professional, AmiQuote and AFL Code Wizard)
  5. The book was written by Dr. Howard Bandy and this offer is possible thanks to co-operation of and Blue Owl Press, Inc, the publisher of the book.
    More information about the contents of the book - you can order the book alone from that site too.
  6. The offer is valid from November 25, 2008 till December 6, 2008

eSignal ends free Livecharts / intraday quote service

As mentioned here:
eSignal stopped free Livecharts intraday quote service as of April 14, 2008.

For inexpensive streaming intraday quotes consider QPFeed, Interactive Brokers and IQFeed.

Houston conference within a week

Just a reminder about upcoming conference:

The 2007 AmiBroker/FTMonitor conference will be held February 17 and 18, 2007 with workshops February 14, 15 and 16, 2007 in Houston Marriott West Loop Hotel.

More information at:

See also:

2007 AmiBroker conference in Houston/TX

The 2007 AmiBroker/FTMonitor conference will be held February 17 and 18, 2007 with workshops February 14, 15 and 16, 2007 in Houston Marriott West Loop Hotel.

There is a great line-up of speakers for you:

Howard Bandy will talk about "Trading System Validation" and Jeff Parent will discuss
"The Process of Developing a full Portfolio Management System"

Plus you can meet and hear Daniel Ervi, Jimmy Hixson, Bruce Robinson and of course, Tomasz.

Bill Barack is doing a great workshop on AB101 and Don Wilson is doing another on Tango 5.

The deadline for the "Early Bird" prices for the AmiBroker Houston Conference is Saturday, December 30 is the last day of the lower prices. After that the prices rise significantly.

The event is organized by FTMonitor / Richard Boroff.

More information at:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

I would like to thank everybody for your generous support, valuable feedback, kind words and all other kinds of goodies I received this year from you.

I wish you Merry Christmas and Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year.

And don't forget to check a little X-mas present I have for you: AmiBroker 4.89.0 BETA.

Please vote for AmiBroker in S&C Readers’ Choice

If you are happy with AmiBroker (and I certainly hope that you do), please vote for it in 2007 Readers' Choice at:

Thank you very much !

Attention QCharts subscribers

As per information provided on eSignal forums: eSignal is planning to switch all QCharts accounts to regular eSignal. So if you are using QCharts plugin now, then with the release of QCharts 6.0, you can start using your QCharts accounts with the AmiBroker eSignal plugin. All you need to do is to switch the data source in File->Database Settings to eSignal and enter your QCharts user name/password in "Configure" dialog.

User’s Guide in PDF format

Updated User's Guide for AmiBroker version 4.80 in PDF format (801 pages) is available now for download from:

Missing registration? Check your Bulk E-mail / Spam boxes !

Some people using Yahoo Mail ( addresses) and other mail providers seem to have problems with receiving e-mails from us (including registration). These people complain that we did not respond. But WE DID!

The reason why you don't see it, is that Yahoo and other provides marks legitimate e-mails as spam / marketing and it all lands in your BULK e-mail BOX.

So please check your Bulk e-mail / Spam box / Spam filter for any missing communication.

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