AmiBroker 5.16.0 BETA released

A new beta version (5.16.0) of AmiBroker has just been released.

It is available for registered users only from the members area at:

(File size: 1 933 678 bytes, 1.9 MB)

If you forgot your user name / password to the members area you can use automatic reminder service at:

Remember that this is a BETA software. So BACKUP YOUR FILES FIRST !
Note that you need to install official version 5.10 prior to installing this beta

This version concentrates on fixing issues found in recent betas.
It is highly recommended for users of any previous (5.1x) BETA versions.

CHANGES IN VERSION 5.16.0 (as compared to 5.15.0):

  1. If in-memory cache was too small, it could happen that Walk-Forward kept old equity values in ~~~BESTEQUITY. Fixed now.
  2. AFL: Faster LR. Added constant-period version of linear regression calc - reduces complexitiy from O(N^2) to O(N)
  3. AFL: new GetChartBkColor function
  4. Candlestick style switches back to bar chart when number of bars displayed is twice the number of screen pixels
  5. eSignal plugin 1.9.0 (fixes to problem with RT update of certain foreign future markets such as NSF)
  6. IBController 1.2.0
  7. Improved speed of Day(), Month(), Year(), DaysSince1900(), DayOfWeek(), DayOfYear() functions on intraday data (upto 20x faster)
  8. Improved speed of DayOfWeek(), DayOfYear(), DaysSince1900() on EOD data (upto 2x faster)
  9. Optimized chart drawing for large number of bars, upto 10x faster when more than 70000 bars are visible on screen
  10. Say() function has now ability to queue speak requests

A complete CHANGE LOG with detailed explanations of added features for this and previous versions and instructions are included in the: AmiBroker 5.16.0 BETA Read Me - MUST READ THIS