Lenz+Partner datafeed (Taipan) available now

Lenz+Partner have recently finished working on a solution which makes the datafeed of their products „Tai-Pan“ and „Tai-Pan Realtime“ compatible with AmiBroker. The interface is now ready to use and only requires the installation of an additional dll-file by the user.

For more information please visit: (in German) has released the PatternExplorer for Amibroker, a set of technical analysis tools for AmiBroker that allow to automatically scan for various chart patterns. PatternExplorer allows to identify triangles, wedges, channels, support and resistance levels candlestick patterns and many more on thousands of symbols in a matter of minutes. For more details visit

Easy Signal Inc. has released KwikPOP for AmiBroker

Easy Signal Inc. has just released Kwik*Pop for AmiBroker.
Kwik*POP is a software tool designed to help you capitalize on the turning points in the markets based upon shifts in price momentum and price/volume momentum. For more details please visit or