New web site design launched

We are proud to present a new web site design that is both mobile-friendly (scales well down to very narrow screens) and High-DPI friendly using new HTML5 standards. We really hope you will like it. Old one was from year 2000 so it was about the highest time to change it for good. There are still some pieces left from old design in some corners but these will be eliminated soon.


If you wondered what tools were used to create new AmiBroker page - well... main tool was just Notepad2 (plain text editor with syntax highlighting). Yes it is all manually typed from scratch in HTML5/CSS. No templates. I have Dreamweaver too but decided not to use it. Images were edited by good old Macromedia Fireworks (Macromedia was taken over by Adobe, but I still like the old program :-). And this is pretty much it. OK... one more tool... AmiBroker itself ! ... the red waves on top are curves generated by AmiBroker in its "About" window :-) and if you wondered how these curves are generated - the code behind it is inspired by Lissajous curves (which you may know from physics course)