Dr Howard Bandy, presentations and workshop in Melbourne, Australia

Howard Bandy will be running a two day advanced workshop in Melbourne, Australia, 12-13 May 2014. He will be introducing new developments into the trading workspace, full details at: Immediately prior, he will be speaking at the ATAA National Conference. Howard is the author of “Quantitative Trading Systems”, “Introduction to AmiBroker”, “Modelling Trading Systems Performance” and “Mean Reversion Trading Systems”. A new book, “Quantitative Technical Analysis” is to be released in coming months.

Introduction to AmiBroker 2nd edition available

Today, August 15, 2012, is the publication date of Introduction to AmiBroker, Second Edition, written by Dr. Howard Bandy and available from Blue Owl Press.

It is free for personal use.

The second edition has been revised to include the changes to the AmiBroker trading system development platform; and to expand the set of ten exercises you can work through to refresh your AmiBroker skills.

To download free PDF book visit:

For more books from Blue Owl Press see:

Introducing stability ranks

In order to give you better idea about what kind of stability and reliability you can expect out of different BETA versions, we are starting to give stability ranks to all releases.
It is important to understand that BETA mark does not always mean the same. Sometimes BETAs are rock solid, sometimes they are experimental. It all depends on what has changed since last production release. If there were only additions, without changes to existing functionality, one can expect BETA to be perfectly stable, exactly the same as official version. On the other hand, when BETA brings significant changes to existing code base, sometimes turning large portions of code upside down (like with multi-threading rewrite), one should expect that BETA is experimental and it is likely to exhibit problems. To distinguish between these completely different situations we introduce stability rank.

The following ranks will be used:

  1. Stability: Rank 1 - Experimental, possibly unstable
  2. Stability: Rank 2 - Early BETA, introducing new features and changes, may exhibit minor problems
  3. Stability: Rank 3 - Regular BETA, pretty stable, works fine in most environments
  4. Stability: Rank 4 - Stable, almost as good as final release version
  5. Stability: Rank 5 - Final production release quality, fully tested and stable

New AmiBroker Development Kit v2.0 released

A new version of AmiBroker Development Kit (ADK 2.0) has been released (356KB self-extracting exe) (330KB plain zip file)

A new API contains updated documentation, source code samples and header definitions to support newly introduced features of AmiBroker 5.27 such as 64-bit date/time resolution, floating point volume/openint fields, new auxilliary data fields and extended symbol information fields.

The documentation and samples covers writing indicator (AFL function) plugins, data plugins and optimizer plugins.

The package is provided for native code developers (mainly C/C++) wanting to write their own plugin DLLs.

ADK 2.0 is free to use in both commercial and individual software.

AmiBroker is being promoted and taught in Australia

Dr Howard Bandy (author of “Quantitative Trading Systems” and “Introduction to AmiBroker”) is speaking at the Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA) – National Conference, 23-25 Oct 2009, Melbourne, Australia , he will discuss and demonstrate Quantitative Trading Systems making use of AmiBroker.

Following the ATAA National Conference Howard Bandy will present three workshops in a “Howard in Australia” series over five days. These Workshops will be “Introduction to AmiBroker” (1 day), “Design Testing and Validation of Trading Systems” (2 days) and “Advanced Design, Testing and Validation of Trading Systems” (2 days). See the respective web sites for details.

NOTE: These events are organized solely by ATAA, not The above is for information only and should not be considered as endorsement of any kind.

Special offer with FREE “Introduction to AmiBroker” book

UPDATE: This special offer is extended till December 6th, 2008 !!! now has special limited time offer for FIRST-TIME purchasers of AmiBroker Ultimate Pack Pro (AB UPP).
If you purchase AmiBroker Ultimate Pack Pro for $409 from today until December 6, 2008, you will receive a FREE copy of Howard Bandy "Introduction to AmiBroker" book with FREE* shipping.

You can place your order using page.


  1. Only customers from USA, European Union, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand are entitled to receive FREE shipping.
  2. The book is shipped from USA. Overseas destinations take usually 6-10 days to deliver.
  3. Customers from other countries are kindly asked to consult support for availability and cost of shipping to their country - to ensure safe delivery to some countries a courier (UPS) service is recommended but this means extra cost
  4. The offer applies to FIRST TIME buyers only and only to purchasers of Ultimate Pack Pro (the pack includes AmiBroker Professional, AmiQuote and AFL Code Wizard)
  5. The book was written by Dr. Howard Bandy and this offer is possible thanks to co-operation of and Blue Owl Press, Inc, the publisher of the book.
    More information about the contents of the book - you can order the book alone from that site too.
  6. The offer is valid from November 25, 2008 till December 6, 2008

Upcoming price increase (order now and save)

As you know the US dollar is making historical lower lows and we as a bussiness located in Europe must adjust the prices expressed in US dollars to maintain same level of profitability when expressed in our currency. Therefore, starting from April 1st, 2008 the prices for our software will be adjusted to the following levels:

New Licenses:
AmiBroker Professional: $ 279 (1-year free upgrades)
AmiBroker Standard: $ 199 (1-year free upgrades)
AmiQuote: $ 65 (1-year free upgrades)
AFL Code wizard: $ 65 (1-year free upgrades)

AmiBroker Standard Upgrade: $ 99 (50% discount - next 1 year upgrades free)
AmiBroker Professional Upgrade: $ 139 (50% discount - next 1 year upgrades free)
AmiQuote: $32 (50% discount - next 1 year upgrades free)
AFL Code wizard: $32 (50% discount - next 1 year upgrades free)

If you want to take the advantage of old prices, order quickly (before April 1st).

Workshop and conference in Las Vegas, February 2008 is organizing a two-day AmiBroker "Trading system design, testing and validation" workshop and following it a two-day conference in Las Vegas, February 21-24, 2008. The workshop will be presented by the author
of best-selling book on trading system design and testing Dr. Howard Bandy. The conference will feature AmiBroker and FT Trade programs. For registration and details please check site:

Order today and save

Order AmiBroker today and save. The prices will be increased November 11, to $259 for AmiBroker Professional Edition and $189 for AmiBroker Standard Edition, $59 AmiQuote and $59 AFL code wizard.

Introducing AFL Code Wizard

The AFL Code Wizard is a new add-on for AmiBroker. It allows creation of trading system formulas without ANY programming experience. The system creation is done using highly intuitive graphical interface. Now trading system creation is available to everyone. No programming, no cryptic blocks or diagrams! Just describe your system in plain English!

See how easy it is and check the AFL Code Wizard instructional video at:

The AFL Code Wizard is available for purchase for $49 one-time fee. Further upgrades are free. Click here to buy now.

You can download stand-alone trial version from: (After running setup, double click on AFLWiz.exe inside the installation directory). Trial version REQUIRES AmiBroker 4.90 or higher.

For best results however we recommend using AmiBroker 4.95.0 BETA that features integration with AFL code wizard.

To run AFL Code wizard from AmiBroker 4.95 just select Analysis->AFL Code Wizard menu.

The trial version has all the functionality *including* export of auto-generated AFL formula to AmiBroker. The only missing feature in trial version of AFL Code wizard is saving the project in .awz format. Project files are only necessary if you want to save your creation for future modification with code wizard and sharing with other people in "wizard" format.

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