AmiQuote 4.00 released

A new public version of AmiQuote 4.00 is released now.

Direct links: (234KB) – 32 bit version (289KB) – 64 bit version

NOTE: 64-bit version of AmiQuote now requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 runtime. You may need to download the runtime separately and install it, if you are installing AmiQuote stand-alone (without AmiBroker 6.30 64-bit or higher already installed). If you already have AmiBroker 6.30 64-bit you don't need to do anything.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 4.00 (as compared to version 3.33)

A new Generation of AmiQuote, now allows User-definable data sources for complete freedom of choice and quick adoption to data sources that appear on the web as well as existing sources changing their API:

  1. UI: New top-level menu: Data sources: New/Edit/Delete/Import/Export
  2. UI: New Data source creation/editing dialog allowing definition of user-defined sources
  3. UI: Export and Import of Data source definitions allowing easy sharing of definitions between users
  4. Removed defunct Google Finance built-in source
  5. Removed built-in source (it can re-added as user-defined)
  6. Added example importable data source definitions in "DataSources" folder (AlphaVantage, Tiingo Intraday IEX and more)

Full documentation on new features is included in the AmiQuote Read Me.

Precise instructions are here:

TIINGO and STOOQ usage instructions
Detailed procedure how to configure AmiQuote with TIINGO is here


  1. If you are getting "Failed to update registry, use REGEDIT" message, then you need to run AmiQuote just once with administrator rights - to do so click on AmiQuote icon with right mouse button and select "Run As Administrator". Do this ONCE. Don't run all the time under "admin" rights because automatic import won't work.
  2. If you are not able to download more than 2 years worth of data it means you entered too early "From" date. For example if you enter 1900 as "from" date you won't get more than recent 2 years. But if you enter more resonable starting date such as year 2000, then you will be able to download 17 years worth of data
  3. If it still does not work - you did something wrong. The program works fine, as long above steps are PRECISELY done. Rinse and repeat until it clicks.


AmiQuote is nothing but specialized web browser/downloader. You are using 3rd party web pages/services (Yahoo/MSN/Google/Finam) available to the public and AmiQuote acts like Internet Explorer or Firefox. The availability of data/web pages depends on those 3rd parties and may change in the future. The financial data downloaded from public web sites such as Yahoo Finance/MSN/Google/Finam are for personal use only. Consult 3rd parties' Terms of Service for details. For actual trading we recommend using paid data sources that provide higher data quality and reliability.