AmiBroker 5.25.0 BETA released

A new beta version (5.25.0) of AmiBroker has just been released.

It is available for registered users only from the members area at:

(File size: 1 601 952 bytes, 1.6 MB)

If you forgot your user name / password to the members area you can use automatic reminder service at:

Remember that this is a BETA software. So BACKUP YOUR FILES FIRST !
Note that you need to install official version 5.20 prior to installing this beta

CHANGES IN VERSION 5.25.0 (as compared to 5.24.0):

  1. StaticVarGet() now has additional parameter - align
  2. AFL: HighestVisibleValue( array ), LowestVisibleValue( array )
  3. When user picks a drawing tool, AmiBroker offers switching to default layer (0) if current layer is not visible
  4. StaticVarRemove("varname") now supports wildcards in the variable name
  5. StaticVarCount function added - returns the total number of static variables in memory
  6. Study() function now allows to specify which Y scale to use (Study( studyid, chartid, scale = -1))
  7. data and optimizer plugins are loaded later (saves upto 15MB of RAM)
  8. Fixed GetChartBkColor function
  9. "show trading arrows" feature optimized for significantly lower CPU usage
  10. hi-density (>2x more data bars than pixels) variable color styleHistogram charts are plotted with correct colors
  11. less reallocations in real-time mode, 10% performance improvement and less fragmentation
  12. arrays for storing dynamic stop levels are only allocated/filled when needed (saves about 10% of AFL setup time)
  13. Added miny/maxy parameters to SetChartBkGradient (allows gradient area charts in combination with cloud style)

A complete CHANGE LOG with detailed explanations of added features for this and previous versions and instructions are included in the: AmiBroker 5.25.0 BETA Read Me - MUST READ THIS