Real-time quote window

Working with real time quote window

The RT quote window provides real-time streaming quotes and some basic fundamental data. It is fairly easy to operate as shown in the picture below:

You can also display context menu by pressing RIGHT mouse button over RT quote window.

The context menu allows you to access the following options:

Re-arranging symbols using drag-and-drop

Real-time quote window now (v5.10 and up) allows you to re-arrange the list of symbols by drag-and-drop mechanism. Simply click the left mouse button over the symbol, hold it down and drag to desired location then release the button.

Bid/ask trend indicator

Version 5.90 adds Bid/Ask trend - a graphical indicator showing the direction of 10 most recent changes in real-time bid/ask prices. The right-most box is most recent and as new bid/ask quotes arrive they are shifted to the left side. Color coding is as follows:

If bid/ask prices don't change there is no new box. NOTE: This column works only if there are real-time quotes streaming (markets are open)