Time & Sales window

NOTE: Standard Edition is limited to 1 time & sales window, Professional Edition allows UNLIMITED number of time & sales window open simultaneously.

Time & Sales window that provides information about every bid, ask and trade streaming from the market. Each row displayed represents either new trade, new bid or new ask that is sent by the streaming data source.

Each line in time and sales window is marked with color to make it easier to distinguish between various conditions.

Coloring rules are:

Time&Sales window in version 5.30 shows some "recent statistics" regarding trading namely:

A little background:
Ask minus bid: the positive numbers represent more transactions occuring on ASK side than on BID side. This in theory may mean more buying than selling, but in practice things are largely dependent on security traded. Esp. dark liquidity pools do not show in order books and may report trades to the tape several seconds later thus invalidating relationship between bid/ask and actual trade prices.

These are temporary, short-term stats - they cover ONLY trades displayed in the T&S window since opening of the window OR
resetting stats.

You can reset statistics using right click menu : "Reset Stats"