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Newest IQFeed plugin is INCLUDED in AmiBroker setup.

New versions are always announced at DEVLOG


How to setup database with IQFeed VIDEO TUTORIAL:


Startup Fee: WAIVED! (Normally $50)
IQFeed Basic Service: $68/month *
IQFeed RT US Futures & Futures Options: $20/month* (Normally $30/m)
RT US Stocks & Canadian Stocks: Included
IQFeed RT Equity Options: add $50/month
IQFeed RT International Futures: add $25/month

*Exchange Fees Extra for Real-Time Data, consult IQFeed web site for any changes in pricing.

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1. The total number of symbols in your IQFeed database must NOT exceed your IQFeed subscription limit (by default 500 symbols)

2. You can not use more than 5 million ticks/bars per symbol due to problem in IQConnect.


One-time setup

IMPORTANT: IQFeed provides unfiltered data. This means that no tick is filtered out therefore you may see a lot of bad ticks. This will change when IQFeed implements bad tick filter.

If you don't have IQFeed CONNECTION MANAGER already installed you have to install it first.

Setting up with IQFeed VIDEO TUTORIAL:


To use AmiBroker with IQFeed you will need to perform a one-time setup described below:

  • Run AmiBroker
  • Choose File->New database
  • Type a new folder name (for example: C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\IQFeed ) and click Create as shown in the picture below:

  • Choose DTN IQFeed data Plug-in from Data source combo and "Enable" from Local data storage
  • Now choose Base time interval. Select 1-minute
  • Enter appropriate number of bars to load:
    100000 for 1-minute database to get max history (8 months) available from IQFeed
  • Click on "Intraday Settings". Check "Allow mixed EOD/Intraday data" box. Click OK
  • Click OK.

From now on your AmiBroker reads quotes directly from the IQFeed.

Adding symbols

To add symbols just use Symbol->New menu and enter comma separated list of ticker symbols you want to add.

Showing real time quote window

AmiBroker RT features real-time watch window that allows you to watch streaming quotes. To show this window choose View->Realtime Quote menu. (see image to the right ---->)

To add symbols to Realtime quote window you either double click on the symbol tree or use right mouse button menu Add to Realtime quote option as shown in the picture above.


Working with real time quote window

The RT quote window provides real-time streaming quotes and some basic fundamental data. It is fairly easy to operate as shown in the picture below.




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